In my life as a car mechanic, and an active motorsports driver, I´ve been fascinated by the Wankel Rotary engine, especially after Mazda refined it to the engine we know today. I the 1970´s I was one of the first in Denmark (if not the first) to get my hands on a Mazda Rx2, with wich I drove many speed tests and rallys, and in all modesty, with reasonable results.

In the 80´s and 90´s I´ve been conducting the service and maintenance of rally- and track cars, mainly Mazdas with Rotary engines, together with my team of skilled mechanics. Thorugh the 00´s and up until now, I´ve focused on my workshop/dealership, keeping the flet of Rotarys alive in Denmark :-)

Through all these years I´ve acquired a lot of Mazda models, some for complete renovation and sale, others as reconstruction projects, and some as pure spareparts.

Now...Time passes, and I´m not getting any younger, I must recognize that the amount of energy dosn´t match that of my younger days :-)

This is why I want to spread the massage, of an unique collection of Rotary Mazdas, incl. a lot of spareparts, both new and used.  

If interested, feel free to give me a call, or write me a mail.

Regards Steen Øhlenschlæger

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